Monday, July 6, 2009

Why should I fall?? (a lil rant lol)

Hello...Im sitting thinking again...

OK so I am talking with a friend who has been in this serious relationship and it has now ran its course. Of course you know I lend an ear to the situation, and it has kind of broke my heart a little because who wants to see anyone go through a heartbreak? But my question to you is WHY SHOULD WE FALL IN LOVE only to land on concrete?

Now me as an individual wouldnt consider myself being someone who has falling in love or has been in a serious relationship, but what I can say is I know how it feels to be disconnected from someone you really once cared about especially when you visualize you and this person getting really close, and to them you were just another girl they wanted to take a precious jewel from. Its like one minute you are making plans to start something really good and it just gets taken away due to finances, change of heart, stupidity, or the season of that connection has just passed on.

How can you honestly know love when it comes? Why do married people divorce? Why is it so hard to find that special someone? I can go on and on but you get my drift.

Im just simply tired of seeing love lost. I am tired of guys that think they are God's gift to the world. I am tired of living the cycle of let men be men, and just because he cheated, its ok because thats just what men do (ladies we need to stop accepting this and speak positive because all men do not are just giving them reason to do so). Im tired of seeing people settle because they feel this is the best they can do, but you fail to realize that one day you will have kids. Youll have to explain to lil one why you and daddy argue 99% of the time you are around each other. Im tired of girls that think since I got a man or a piece of a man for that matter that life is all good, and as long as he spends $20 on me he loves me (omg...ladies come on...we have to set the standard or else we will continue to live in the cycle). I am tired of guys that say there are no good women out here when Im standing right here in your face. I am tired of being single and in constant wonder of when he will find me (a woman of virtue).

Im really starting to feel like I am going to have to compromise my beliefs and morals just to draw attention because being the good girl is no longer accepted or attractive. Nobody wants to chase. Whatever happened to getting to know someone before the physical? Its like they want the goods without paying for them (doesnt make any sense to me). We are doing it backwards. I mean is there something that I missed along the way? Did I miss the train when it came to town? I mean somebody let me know. Everyone wants IT right now, right quick. This love thing is just simply unfair and unreasonable.

OK maybe its not all the way unfair because there are some proof of the real out here, but it is scarce definitely scarce. I havent given up on it, but Im just speaking on what I see, how I feel right now, and just how it is becoming...

Quote of the day: The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.-Carl Jung


  1. Hello my name is Derrick. I would like to invite you to come join my blog if you like. May God bless you and your whole entire family.

  2. man! these are the questions i ask myself on a regular!! love is crazy. i still never understand it! its hard to find love that is equivalent. good read.

  3. two days have passed since the first time i heard this question....and i still don't know!!! lol!!!! U know i know how to work some google, but....i can't find the it. I'm done looking! I'll live without it until. We've survived this long by ourselves...can't fix something that ain't broke if u know how i mean that!!! LOL luv ya!.....girl me and u could talk about this for LIFE!!!! LMAO!

  4. So of course I have to put my two cents in where it may lay. Our generation no longer no the term "Love" as it was created to be. Love is something that you share for someone who you care for unconditionally not with terms. In my experience, you go through the hurt and pain to truly appreciate the person who is for you when he comes along.

    Know that it is all a test. Have you ever thought that we move too fast trying to rush and find that person for us, but that person may not be ready for us? That person for you, won't make you compromise anything that you hold true to your heart. Anything that makes you feel that way is not true love and you need to recognize that.

    Also, I hear so many girls describe the guy they want and vice versa and I must say we often attract ourselves to those people who would never want to settle anyway. It's all a choice whether we make the right choices is up to us.

    I am confident that you will find someone. For right now, live your life and focus on yourself. When He wants you to meet your soulmate I am so sure it will be worth the wait. I have to remind myself sometimes of this as well.

    Take Care,


  5. I thought I was like the only one thinking about this lol... I always imagined myself getting married later on in life to my highschool sweet heart. But I can already see that all of these dudes my ages are jerks and want the goods before love. Lol thats not ever going to happen. But some people say that we women need to learn how to live alone. So yeah. I dont want to make this comment dumb long and boring so Ill probably make a post about this. This is such a great topic!!