Thursday, July 16, 2009

So there's this man... (poem)

every girl dreams of that day

when he comes and carries her away

ive had this dream more than once

and ladies nothing else amounts

joy undescribed and peace so divine

listen to what i tell you cause i aint lyin

his statue is like no other

yes he is my kind of lover

he can have anyone and yet he still wants me

and girl his comfort soothes every part of me

he tells me everyday im his work of art

and never does he come at me smart

when he holds me in his arms

im his good luck charm

im his bride

he's my guide

his presence makes me blush

and with him i dont have to rush

and honey he's all man

you should see what he can do with his hands

he keeps the motion in the ocean

i love every portion

true friend indeed

supplies every need if you know what i mean

boo boo he is my mister wonderful

and he is so irresistable

one touch and you set for life

never steps to me trife

never once called me out my name

he aint no lame or with the games

holds every door and pulls out ever chair

yes girl he is always there and on top of that he cares

try to compare him well i wouldnt dare

i call him Jesus...and im not afraid to share:)

I wrote this a while ago, but it is still relevant.


  1. this reminds me of a poem i wrote!!! in order to write the deepest love song/poem.... I have to think about jesus! .. even when i want it to be about a "man" ... only Jesus loves me right... but i loved it!!

  2. When i read the first few lines I knew ONLY ONE MAN could be "THE ONE" providing Love this true!!! and this also reminds me of something I wrote as well....I felt this; Real!

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