Thursday, July 2, 2009


Hello how are you? Me? Im okay...everyday above ground is a good day:)

Last night I got a phone call from my mentor and I have to say that it opened my eyes to alot of things. It wasnt necessarily things that I dont know or havent spoke on before but it was just a reminder of how we gotta keep our focus on us and try to comprehend that everyones story is not ours. We all have a purpose and mission here on earth, and our job is just that, so there is no need to complain...just live through your story because you just never know how it may help the next person then the next and thereon...thats what this thing is all about. Its not about living each day trying to out do the next person cause right there is where things get complicated and then confusing so focus on yourself and everything will in time happen the way they ought to and the way it was promised to you.

I count it a priviledge to be looked at as someone people can come to for advise, a laugh, or just conversation (not many can say Im grateful for it). Also yesterday I got a message from a friend that is going through some things and after reading what he was going through I felt happy that I was able to share a few words of encouragement...I can remember the days when I would have had nothing to say. This lets me know that there is some growth, and I need to start being thankful for the growth.

Remember that you cant get something out of nothing so DONT LET GO:)!!!!...HOLD ON for the long run!!!!

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  1. I agree... every person has his or her own story. Only a fool would try to live another person's life, babe.