Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rare Gem (poem)

as i continue

i think of the new

beginnings life has to offer

never would have thought of

but yet it is here

future seems less far but near

i am now as this rare gem

ready to shine for them

but yet i am dimmed by world's position

i can't wait for my season

just waiting for every reason and lesson

cause im forever learning

a work of art steady molding

and transforming so one day i am butterfly

flying through with colors of beauty

but not i am just now a rare gem

please don't condemn

cause im just me

that's how i know forever now it will be

never can i force you to see

my beauty, my grace

just as close sort of looking into His holy face

yes that will be the day i will rejoice forever

can't wait to be all about His praise

for all of the days

left i have to give

for Him i want to live

as long as this promised eternal keeps calling

ill keep drawing

but i am now just...rare gem

i hope i am found by him

I wrote this a while ago but it is still relevant:)

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