Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Family is Forever:)

Hey everyone...How are you? Im getting ready for my little visitor and as always Im thinking...

My little cousin is coming over so it will give me something to look forward to for today. This will be the first time that I would have to entertain a six year old but its cool lol. I do believe that we as family need to be around each other so that one day we will have cherished memories, and we need to get to know each other cause you just never know who you may need one day. Just this past weekend I went to Dallas, TX for a family reunion on my mother's father's side, and it is just amazing how time flies. It also made me see how we as family arent as tight/close knit as it was back in the day. Now everyone is off doing their own thing, and there is no time for the family. We need to bring some of that back because like I said you just never know when you need your family because friends come and go but family is forever.:)

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